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Welcome to the FairShares Wiki.

These page conatin historical information created by founders and members of the FairShares Association about the FairShares Brand and FairShares Model V1.2. These pages are no longer maintained and have been retained for research purposes only.

For current information, please use the FairShares Version 2.0 Wiki at [WWW]

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What would you like to learn more about?

FairShares Brand (go here for information on the underlying values and principles)

FairShares Model (go here to learn about the application of values and principles to enterprise development)

FairShares Association (go here to learn about the body responsible for the promotion of FairShares)

FairShares Glossary (go here for definitions of terms in use on this website)

Background (go here to find out how the FairShares Model developed)

Influencing Practice

The FairShares concept is applied to practice through the FairShares Brand and FairShares Model. This Wiki is maintained by members of the FairShares Association to assist member and public education.

Full members can access technical pages that are not available to the general public. To gain access to in-depth technical information on the FairShares Model in practice, you can either join the FairShares Association or agree a Social Licence that covers its use by your organisation. You will then be able to gain access to pages in this Wiki maintained by Founder members of the FairShares Association and FairShares Consultants on issues that arise when adapting the model to specific country and industry contexts.

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